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My name is Bianca Joliette, but everybody calls me Jolie. 🙂 I am a Author and Jewelry Designer and when I am not writing on the next book in the “Heartbeat-Love-Stories” romantic series, I am busy creating unique handmade jewelry made of natural treasures. My journey began as a tour guide, where I started to collect sand, shells and sea glass near and far, exploring beaches from all Paradise Islands, I visited.
After years of intense travelling, I decided to settle down in Spain. But it was a pity to put all my exotic souvenirs just on a shelf and so I came up with the idea to preserve the beauty of nature in crystal clear resin for wearable keepsakes. Every piece of my jewelry is handcrafted with love over a period of 1-2 weeks in my Spanish studio. The results are timeless; tiny portions of the paradise Islands forever captured and united for eternity.

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